Why Your Child Is Hyperactive Book Review

>> Sunday, February 22, 2009

In 1965, one woman sparked a notion in Dr. Feingold's eye. He described her as having hives, and a swollen face mainly around the eyes. When she tested negative for allergies, he immediately placed her on what would become the Feingold Program. Within 72 hours the hives were gone and she miraculously had been relieved of hostile and aggressive behavior. Because De. Feingold had no previous experience with behaviors, he alerted his staff to look for similar situations. He first based his scientific knowledge by using fleas. You can read another entry I have done on Feingold's Flea Theory here.

He had also wondered about aspirin as well. This would later become the removal of natural salicylates. This was another big observation for Dr. Feingold. He then began to ask if artificial flavorings and colorings were causing behavioral disturbances. Remember the women? She had behavioral changes when she was put on the diet for hives. Now he was getting somewhere.

There are wonderful success stories throughout the book that absolutely proves that this diet works. He also explains the patterns of hyperactivity. Dr. Feingold was not fond of using medications , and always hoped that his diet would eliminate the need for them whenever possible. He explains of his experiences on them in on chapter. He further explains that medications may have synthetics as well; there are no different and should be eliminated.

This is a wonderful collection of how the Feingold Program was scientifically created through the eyes of a well known doctor. This is a great resource book and a wonderful piece for anyone having interest in the Feingold Program.

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