March 2010 Entrecard Droppers

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010 myspace graphic comments

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smoking cessation 10
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Fables, Parables And Stories 1

Thank you all for dropping on my e-card in the month of March. I greatly appreciate it and hope to see you all again next month. Best of wishes to all!!


Build A Bear Workshop Helps Autism Speaks

Do your children love teddy bears? Mine sure do. For the last six years Build A Bear Workshop is taking donations for Autism Speaks. Now you can enjoy these wonderful bears, and help autism.

Between March 31, 2010 and May 2, 2010 you can go to any retail Build A Bear Workshop store to donate $1, or how ever much you wish to donate. Click here to find a store near you.

You can also give back at the company’s virtual world. From April 1 through June 30, you can choose to donate a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of Bearville Outfitters Virtual Stuff Game Cards to Autism Speaks when you activate your card.

I encourage everyone to help in the fight against autism. Without you we can not move forward to learn the mysteries of autism. Thank you all for your help.


Lost Memories

>> Monday, March 29, 2010

Today was a sad day for our family. The house that my husband grew up in has burned. I was checking my email, and noticed that on my local news list there was a house in Shannon, MS that had burned. I took a closer look at the picture and noticed that it was my husband's grandmother's house. He had grew up in the house his entire life. We even lived there for about two years after we had gotten married, so it was a very memorable house to all of us. My husband is on his way there and has only seen this picture:

As you noticed that the fire trucks are on concrete. It was this way at the house because my husbands uncle owns a furniture factory that is next to it. It used to belong to his grandfather. After looking at another source, I found this picture. My husband has not seen this one yet, but from the looks of it is the house.

See how the concrete goes right up to the house! Where the firefighters are standing, it used to be an entire room, but had recently been made into a garage without outer walls. The house was being rented out at the time. We are thankful that no one was hurt.


Hello 30's Goodbye 20's

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today I am saying, "Good bye 20's, Hello 30's." That is right, today is my birthday. To bad that it is raining and cold. We are sitting at 35 degrees at 11:30. My husband allowed me to sleep until I got up about 9:00 this morning. We I came into the living room, the kids were looking at me as if they had something to say. When I came in, they told me Happy Birthday Mom. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. The only thing that I am not so happy about would be the health care bill. I hope that they do not pass it especially on my birthday... what a present from the government. It is something that I am just not looking forward to. I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, or who will come visit me. Aunt Kat told me that mom may come down, so I guess I will see her soon.

Thanks for visiting me today, and hope that you will enjoy your day as well. myspace graphic comments


Lindt Gold Bunnies For Autism

>> Saturday, March 20, 2010

I was reading the Parent's Magazine that my Aunt Kat had gotten me this year, and I found something that I thought might interest some of you. Lindt, the masters in swiss chocolate, is supporting Autism Speaks this year. For every Lindt Gold Bunny sold between now and April 4,2010, Lindt will donate 10 cents up to $100,000 for each purchase. Lindt is also recognizing the "Unsung Heros of Autism". Three individuals whose life has made a difference in the autism community will receive $5,000 for their efforts. The Lindt company is also having a celebrity auction in which you will have the chance to win a Rosenthal porcelain Lindt Gold Bunny signed by a celebrity. The entire auction price for the procelain bunny will be donated to Autism Speaks. On April 1, 2010 a list of celebrities will be listed for you to see who will be signing the gold bunny, and to place your bids on their website. Grab up a few of these wonderful bunnies that will sure to please your table and guests for your Easter holiday. For all of your Easter card sending you can also send an e-card to all your friends and family and Lindt will donate $1.00 for each one. From what I can see they are free to send. Try these Lindt Gold Bunnies for autism today! They are also reasonably priced so get yours today!



>> Monday, March 1, 2010

I have finally made it back to blogging again after being away all month. We decided to change internet providers. We were going with AT&T, but we have moved to Comcast, our local cable company. The speed is incredible, and we no longer have internet connection disruptions any more. We got a great deal on it as well. We are paying half of what we were with internet and phone. We never really use the phone anyway, so this time we got cable. We are only paying for basic, but we are getting all the channels since the installer said that they can no longer block the channels out. Good for us and the kids. We have not had cable in a few years so it has been enjoyable to have it again. The boys enjoy watching Cartoon Network, and we usually watch Fox News when they are not watching t.v.

We had some sickness in the family this past month. The week of Valentine's Day was aweful. Devin had gotten sick at his stomach for about two days. A few days later, my husband came down with the stomach virus. Later, my oldest came down with it for a week. I never got sick though. That usually happens for me. We are all well now, and I hope that we do not get sick any more this winter.

Well, guess that is about all that we had done over the last month. Same ole things going on down here. Guess that I will leave it at that and get going. Need to clean up the house again today! An endless job around here!

Thanks for visiting today!! I appreciate it.