Autistic Student Denied School Move In Prentiss County

>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

An autistic denied school move is the latest headline in our local newspaper. The parents of a 6 year old are suing two public school districts for denying their son who has Asperger's a right to free public education. They were denied of a temporary restraining order that would have allowed him to go to Tishomingo Co. School District. Since the family lives in Prentiss County, then it would not be allowed for the boy to go to school there until the review on March 9. He was attending at a Prentiss Co. school district, but his behavior was causing a problem and his mother, Deanna Thacker, withdrew him from school. The Prentiss Co. School District has said that they would allow for the student to return from school. After Deanna withdrew her son Ryan from school, Prentiss County released him to attend Tishomingo County, but Tishomingo County would not allow the transfer.

We don't receive many of the cases around here, but there was one not to long ago just south of us. I dislike seeing articles like this, and thankful that my boys are receiving their free education in an environment where their behavior can be controlled. The schools are really good about handling behavior problems. We've had some bad times at school, but they have never denied them education because of it. I hope that everything works out with this situation, and that justice will be served to the one in need.

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