Ten Year Old Autistic Boy Arrested

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ian Garvin was cutting his shirt with a pair of scissors when his teacher told him to stop. He then fell to a tantrum and ran out of the room and locked himself inside the principle's office. When teachers tried to confront him, he attacked back by hitting and kicking a teacher. His mother Heather Hawk, said "He just wanted to be alone and he was trying to get them away the only way he knows how." Autistic children do have tempermental times, and when they do it is always they just want to be away from the situation. I have been through similar situations with my oldest wanting to threaten other children, but the school understands that he does have autism and that a possibility of an eruption could happen. They wanted to suspend him, but the therapist intervined. Saving him this time. He usually gets this way when he is off of him medicine due to not having any, but is behaving properly when he is on it. Without it, he is just impossible to handle and to deal with. You can read the story here on MSNBC.

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