Christmas Wishes 2011

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Christmas Wishes From Our Home To Yours


Economics Final, Snow, Getting Sick

>> Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tonight was my Economics final. Did I do good? Well, we can hope and see. I could have stayed to find out my grade, but I am not feeling well either. I problably should have not been there, but it was only finals night, and I thought that I could get by. Devin was sick last Friday and over the weekend my husband got sick. I got sick I guess it was Monday. I am not sure if little Eddie has it or not. He was starting to complain earlier, but I guess that we will have to wait and see what happens. Sore throat, congestion, sinus issues, stuffy nose, and the usual.

We had snow this morning for a few hours, but the ground was so wet that it did not stick. It had rained quite a bit over the night. As we were taking the boys to school this morning, it started. It was all gone by the time I went to English class at 11:00. Most everyone in the community was glad to see it, and people thought that it was dazzling. Snow is few, far, and between. We did however have a white Christmas last year. Maybe we will have one again. I am predicting that there will be another chance to get some snow.

Well, thought that I would give you an update.
Have a wonderful day/night (whatever your case may be)


Short Attention, Running Sounds, Increased Frustration, Generalized Anxiety

>> Monday, December 5, 2011

Finals start this week for college, and I am getting very nervous. As for some of you, you know that I have generalized anxiety disorder. This is were you have anxiety most of the time, but you have do periods of calm which do not always last for a long period of time. Okay, the official definition is an uneasy sense of general tension and apprehension for no apparent reason that makes the individual highly uncomfortable because of it prolonged presence. There are many things that start the whole cycle for me all over again. A test for example, because I am so nervous about it I will forget everything that I have studied and go blank. Frustration sets in, and I am almost into a mental breakdown. There are a lot of things that I have problems with, and sorting them out has become a task in itself. My attention span really bothers me. Things do not soak in like they should. Learning things takes me more time than one would normally do. Hearing has become very annoying lately. When there is more than one noise in the room, I have difficulties hearing any one particular sound. They all blend in together, so I hear everything at once. If I am working on something and there is the slightest noise, I get very disrupted and loose all train of thought. As a child, I remember sitting in front of the television and be tuned in to the sound and not be able to hear someone calling my name. Same kind of problem today. I will be watching television and someone will say something to me. Either I will not hear them at all, or it will only be a murmur. It is hard to stay focused on what is said in a lecture, because my mind tends to wander. Not that I am trying to make it, but that it does it all on its own. There are a lot of misfires that I find within myself, and wish that I had answers for them. I have wondered what effects seizures at birth could have on the nervous system. I only had them at birth and not since then, but there is a suspicion that it could have caused some of the issues that I do have.

Well, thought that I would ramble a little today. Just kind of feeling frustrated.

Dad, saw that you probably had some snow recently. What two days ago? How much did you get? How's Aunt K? I have not heard from her. Love you dad, Amanda


Picture of the Day

>> Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sleeping Calypso


Thanksgiving, Black Friday Chaos, Wedding Anniversary

>> Friday, November 25, 2011

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We stayed home this year and had duck, dressing, pecan pie, macaroni salad, pintos, toast, mac and cheese, and maybe something else. We decided to skip the turkey this year, husband said that no one eats it anyways. I had bought three ducks, and cooked two of them. The other one is in the freezer for some other day. Duck is a wonderful alternative to turkey. What all did you have and do on Thanksgiving? Here is the picture of our dinner. Nothing fancy I remind you:

We decided to go to town last night about 8:30 p.m., and maybe we have learned our lesson about going out on the night Black Friday decided to get moving along. As with most places, stores were opening earlier. Deals at Wal-Mart started at 10:00 that night. Tons of people were all around, oh my. We had planned to buy a few things that we seen that were going to be on sale, but choose to get products that were not actually on sale. Yeah, we had to pay more for them, but it beats the hassle of all the people. I even felt that it could get dangerous for the family. We had brought the boys with us as well. People were starting to get itchy for items with two hours or more to go. They were giving us funny looks as we were headed to the checkout lines. They were wondering if we had gotten Black Friday deals, or just what we had to begin with. People were even getting angry for all kinds of reasons. I had saw a man get in his truck to leave, and after waiting about five minutes for his woman to get in the vehicle, I saw that she had a depressed look on her face. He had backed out of Wal-Mart parking lot spinning every tire he had. I knew that he was mad either at her or because they could not get what they wanted and when. My husband had said that there was one man who got run over by the crowd. The whole way Wal-Mart had their deals set up for when it was time was really weird. They had everything that was on deal in the aisles only in the sections that had sales: toys, electronics, and home decorations. Everything in the aisles were gone where the checkout lines were. Guess they thought they needed more space for check-out instead of room on the floor. I eventually had to drop the buggy and beg my way through the crowds. We have two Wal-Mart's here and I am sure that both were packed terribly.

Another thing that I had forgotten to mention was that my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of this month. Happy Anniversary Dear.. Love you lots!!


Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

>> Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sending wishes for everyone on this Thanksgiving day! We have been watching Game Show Network today. They are having the Deal or No Deal marathon. We have seen one woman win a million dollars. Little Eddie is playing games on the computer while Devin is looking up Lego instructions to different sets. He likes to recreate some of them. Husband is napping while I clean house and cook duck for Thanksgiving. Will have pictures of our meal up sometime later. Hope that you will all join me then. Hope that all your Thanksgiving fun is blessed with safety. Enjoy your day with your family and friends. From our house to yours...


Fall 2011 Midterm Grades Are In

>> Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good morning everyone, I thought that I would do a post on myself giving you the details on my progress in college. As with most colleges, it is time for midterm grades. I received my grades last week so I wanted to share those with my friends and family. Well, here we go...

English Composition A
Intermediate Algebra B
Macroeconomics B
Psychology I A

My husband has not told me what his were, but we already know what he made. An A in every subject. LOL. Hey, that is not fair. No matter what grade he did make, I am still proud. For me, I am happy with what I received. A B is good enough for me, however it will make me work harder for the rest of the semester to try and bring it up. You have to consider that family time which allows you to do nothing but run around the house in circles getting everyone comfortable with their situation.

I was really surprised how easy college would be. All materials are pretty much given to you, so you know exactly what you will be learning. It gives you a heads up, where in high school you had no idea. I am enjoying it so far, yet I have a few more years to go.

I have decided to go into Medical Information Technologies. The only thing that I do not like is that my community college is limited on their choices for a major. I had originally wanted to do Medical Laboratory Technician, but it was not offered.

Well, guess that I will be going now. Hope that you all have a wonderful day


Bronchitis For The Third Time This Year

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, Little Eddie stayed home today from school. He had came down with bronchitis again for the third time this year. The last episode was just about a month ago, when he missed five days of school. His oxygen levels were sitting about 93 percent. He was having bronchospasms where he could breathe air in, but not out. For treatment, he has an inhaler that he uses. I may end up trying to get a nebulizer to use at home, since it does seem to be more effective than the inhaler for him. I am just hoping that I can get his doctor to agree. He does have some of the worst allergies during the night when he lays down and goes to bed. From scratching his throat to nasal congestion are his symptoms at night. I have thought about dust mites, but not really sure. He is always having sinus issues, so for myself, I have trouble trying to pinpoint the possibilities of what could be causing that problem. And to think, winter is not even here yet. I am hoping that this will not be a constant problem with him.

Hope that you will all have a blessed evening.

Hope that you will feel better soon. We all love you Eddie!!


Newly Found Friend

>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello everyone, I thought that I would do a quick post to let everyone know that I am now back in the saddle again. We are all going well, and we also have a new addition to the family. In April we took in a cat. I thought that I would let you all meet Calypso. We use her as a therapy pet for the boys. So, here she is.


Saying Hello

>> Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello everyone! I thought that I would drop in to say hello to all since I was at my grandmother's house. I have really missed blogging in the last year, so the few times that I get to come over here I try to get a few words in. The boys are doing great! Little Eddie made the A honor roll for the fourth grade, and Devin made the A/B honor roll. Also, Eddie had the highest average for Spelling and Math. He will be in the fifth grade next year and Devin will be in the third. They will also be going to the same school again. I am planning to go to college this year, and will probably do medical laboratory technician. My husband is also planning to go back and get his computer networking degree. The programming degree is not used much down here and those jobs are pretty much taken. I am hoping that I will do ok since I haven't been in school since 1999. I had thought about doing transcription or billing, but I think that it would be easier for me to get a job doing laboratory work. Well, I am supposed to be helping, so I guess that I will be going. It was nice to sit for a minute to tell you all hello. Hope you and your families are doing well. Talk to all again soon. Love your children for me and happy reading!!