Staph In The Family..."Dev"

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

What was thought a spider bite, may in fact be a staph infection. "Dev" had a bump on his leg just above his knee which started to get infected. The middle is bright red and probably about the size of a half-dollar. The center was hot with a white inter-circle. As time went by, a large circular area around the center circle was red from infection spreading out into his leg. After having it for a few days, I took him to the Dr. In the trauma room, where they get your vitals, they immediately knew that it was staph since the center was not decaying like it would have been if it was a spider bite. So here I am giving him more antibiotics, and bathing him in bleach. (1/4 cup per tub of water). Cleaning will cost more due to washing everything in bleach; even the laundry. Information on staph infections is found at Kids Health. Which is one of my favorite sites for kids conditions. Staph infections are really something to look out for and spreading it to other family members is very easy. Be cautious and watch those bumps that you or your family may have. Keep well, and we will try here as well.


Government To Ban 6 Food Additives Linked To Child Hyperactivity

>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

How many times have I heard from my boy's therapist at school that taking away the red and yellow artificial dyes away from their diet would help with hyperactivity, and now I can see why. Released on November 13, 2008 from Mail Online in United Kingdom is an article about the government banning these types of artificial colors or dyes in food. You can read the article here.

The suspected dyes that they are considering are as follows.

Tartrazine (E102); Quinoline yellow (E104); Sunset yellow (E110); Carmoisine (E122); Ponceau 4R (E124) and Allura red (E129).

Here in the United States, most are know as just red and yellow with a specific number following such as 5 or 6. That is why I try to eliminate anything with either food color no matter what number it has with it. I can immediately tell a difference in their hyperactivity within minutes of them having a food or drink with these colors.
I suggest trying this just to see if it would help with your child's ADHD hyperactivity. Hopefully this is one more way to solving the mysteries behind hyperactivity and the way chemicals can have an effect on us.


GFCF As An Alternative Treatment

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

The GFCF diet is an alternative treatment for autistic children who apparently suffer from gastro-intestinal problems. This is a very difficult diet to follow and must be followed specifically, or all your hard work will not pay off. So where do you start? I suggest talking with a trusted Dr. or a dietitian. There are two blood test that can be done to check for problems. They are the IgG and IgE tests, that can be done by a pediatrician or an allergist, as noted here at TACA (Talk About Curing Autism).

Symptoms of gastro-intestinal problems (needing GFCF diet), are easily spotted. This reprint done by Jenny W. is my favorite place to view symptoms. Symptoms can be found all over the internet, but I will use these for today.
Does your child...
* Have a blotchy color to their skin over part or most of their bodies
*"Shakiness" before or immediately after eating
*Enjoys sweets before eating a meal
*Eating salty foods
*Drinks lots of fluids during the day
Other symptoms can include irregular stool patters, sinus and congestion, urinating more at night, history of psoriasis, eczema, and/or other rashes, ear infections and prolonged use of antibiotics. The list goes on and on so it's wise to read up on it. Especially when it comes on how to do the diet. It is recommended that you start out slowly to avoid withdraws from the foods that you are missing.
Friends have recommended to me to take out the casein before the glutein to allow time for their bodies to adjust. One friend removed the glutein after three months of being casein free. Noticing overall changes within six months of treatment.
Some of the best websites for the GFCF diet are as follows:
TACA Talking About Curing Autism
Nutrition and Autism

Groups also help when it comes to having questions and concerns. There are dozens of forums to choose from. I recommend the following:
GFCF Kids (Yahoo group)
GFCF Recipes (Yahoo group)
Autism Forum for autism

Choosing to go GFCF can be a difficult process, but with the help from your doctor, you can make the right decisions for you and your family. There are tests that can be done, but once you know the symptoms and how they affect your body, then you will know if it is right for you and if you need to have a word with your doctor. Thanks and have a great day. There is more to come later on about foods and what is ok and what is not.



11y/o high functioning autistic from Oregon...gone MISSING!!

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

As I was checking my emails, I had one from Google Alerts on high functioning autism. When I clicked on the message the first entry was on an 11 year old HFA (high functioning autism). My heart sank....Jonathan Rios was having an argument with his foster dad about a broken video game and when he left his 11 year old in the car to pick up another child from school, he was gone when they returned to the car. It is said that he does have a history of running away. This is from Oregon Live News.

My heart goes out to the family of this child and I hope that he returns to you safely.

Trouble with getting "lost" in public or running away is quite common among people with autism...especially children. When "Ed" was 4, he would unlock the front door and run out circling two or three blocks, and returning straight home after I chased him telling him to stop. I was terrified that he was doing this, and there was never a time when I actually caught him. He was too fast. I then had chains put on the front and back doors to prevent him from doing this. Just after that he didn't do it anymore. This is called "Environment and Surroundings: making them autistic friendly" from The National Autistic Society is well worth taking the time to read it. Here is another one from the Autism Society of Canada. Safety is a major priority when it comes to autism. Different environments affect them in certain ways that they just want to be away from it or to be drawn to something that interested in. I have never left either one of my boys out of my sight...because they were so prone to "run off". Well, take care guys and I'll get going. Amanda


Infants, Playtime, and Autism

>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

U.S. researchers have discovered that strange play in infants such as spinning objects and looking from the corner of their eyes at certain objects. So now the American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended that all infants be screened for autism before the age of 2. I noticed a change in "Ed",my oldest, after the first week of birth with not being able to sleep without being held. He began to look at things from the corner of his eyes by the time he was probably one, and did for many years after. Don't remember him spinning things though. "Dev" was doing this when he was six months old. I have seen the changes in play in the way this article
does with my own children well before they were two. Maybe we need to educate to be parents on the signs of autism. I knew they had autism once I learned how to see the differences in their behavior and their view of life, and what autism was in the first place. Once "Dev" started spinning puzzle pieces with the wooden peg on top on the floor, I immediately knew. I was telling my family that he had autism as well for several months to a few years (maybe 2), and all I was told was that he was fine. I knew better. It's a mother's instinct to see something different about their child. He was diagnosed about 2 years ago. My heart pours out for my boys, and I wish that they didn't have to have autism, but they do. They are my pride and joy, so I am being strong for them and hope that I can provide them with everything they need. Thanks again and have a nice night. Amanda