Autism Legislation Needs Your Help

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

Right now, lawmakers in Washington, DC are working on critical autism legislation. By the time Congress votes on this bill in early March, we need to make sure they understand just how vital this issue is to families living with autism and to our communities. Can we count on your support?

Taking action on this important issue is easy – just click here to send an email to Congress today.

In order to help the children and adults living with autism live better lives, the autism legislation that Congress is working on must include:

  • Increased research funding for autism intervention and services.
  • Expansion of health insurance to cover vital autism-related services.
  • Establishment of a National Autism Family Resource and Information Center, to provide families with accurate, trustworthy information about intervention and other services.

Together, we can improve services for children and adults living with autism. We can make sure they have the chance to lead joyful and independent lives.

Don't wait! Urge Congress to pass stronger autism legislation. Send an email by March 1st!

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