Moving... Again

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

I thought that I would give everyone a heads up on when I will be writing again. We are having to move again. Just after two years of living here, we are having to move to a different apartment. We are currently living in a handicapped apartment, and they are now needing it for a lady two houses down. We are to move everything out of the house so that maintence can come in and get everything cleaned up. Husband has decided to take everything to mom's house which is about 45 minutes from here. He says that he can get it with our Blazer. I think that is ridiculus because if you think about it we have to move the washer and dryer along with beds and couches. Another thing is that it will cost... imagine the gas prices and how many trips that we would have to make. Anyhow I am leaving it up to him on how he will get things done. He said that it could take up to three weeks before we were able to move into our next home. Not sure why it would take that long, but I am sure that he has a good reason for that one. Having utilities and cable/internet transfered will cost us as well. I just hope that it will all go well and we do not have much to worry about in trying to get done. I will be posting until then, so in the mean time you can read some of my other posts. Just look to the side for my archives and enjoy reading. Devin is really excited about it because he really enjoys grandma's house. He wants to stay there long time. Guess he will get the chance before to long. Not sure about Eddie, he is allergic to cats and dogs, which mom has both of, so he is worried about that. When we were there is past weekend, there was a dog that had come up and ended up chasing Eddie around the yard. He was terrified screaming, "Help ME!". The dog was only following him, but ever since he realized that he had allergies to them, he absolutly will not have anything to do with them. I have even had to ban my brother in law's dog from the house. I am hoping that he will eventually grow out of the allergy. I was the same way when I was a kid. My worst animal was horses. There hair would be so dirty and oily that I would break out in no time. Dogs and cats were no different. As I grew up, the allergy just went away. I do not seem to have any problems with them now. Well, I guess that I will get going. I have somethings that I need to get done today. I will keep posting as I can.


>> Friday, May 14, 2010 myspace graphic comments

Today is the day for my husband. Why? Graduation Day!! He is majoring in computer programming, and he has finished 3 years of school with a 3.96 GPA. The only B that he has made the entire time was in English. I believe that he told me that he had a hard teacher for that class. In everything else, he made A's. He will also be graduating with special honors. Learning the computer languages was exceptionally easy for him. When we first got our computer, he automatically knew everything about them. His mother had one of those dinosaur computers which he did know how to operate. Today's computers are much more advanced than they used to be, yet he took up with it instantly.

I had to call mom yesterday to see if she could take the boys and me to Fulton for his graduation. His mother is not able to come, because of her car's condition. It is very picky on when it will run or not. His brother Jake will not be able to come either. Not sure why though, however he was here just about two weeks ago. I was very lucky to get a hold of mom. If I could not get her ASAP, then the boys and me would not be able to go either. Glad that I did get a hold of her. I would have been very sad if we were not able to go. I am sure that he would be too.

For you my dear, I am congratulating you for all the hard work you have done all these years. I rarely seen you with a textbook studying, yet you have accomplished so much. I hope that this experience will open up a lot of doors for you to walk through. Now is your chance to fly like an eagle, and make a better life for you and your family. Best wishes to you, and I hope that you will find what you are looking for in the job force. I am so happy for you that tears of joy fall from my eyes. We have waited for so long for this day to come, and it is a relief that you are finally finished. It seemed like forever this year, because we knew that graduation was not far away and we would be free from all the struggles that come along with a parent who is in college.

Again Congratulations and


Love always,
Your wife and boys


Mommy Merit Mother's Day

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

I was given this badge/award from my friend Rose. You are to add a picture of your kids along with it, but I thought that I would add the picture below on this one. It is an appreciation for being a mom. If you would like to grab this badge, then you are more than welcome to have it. Just save the image to your computer, then you can use it anywhere. Thank you Rose for sending me over to pick this one up. I really appreciate it, and I appreciate you being my friend. These were the easter eggs that grandma had made them last year for easter. Oh boy pure sugar. Yesterday was Mother's Day, so I guess that this badge would be appropriate for that day. I did not get a chance to get things wrote, so I am wishing all moms a Happy Mother's Day! I enjoyed my day and my mother in law and brother in law's visit. They are such heartwarming people. I could not love them any more than I already do. I am very blessed to have a mother in law and two brother in laws that treat me as if I was their own daughter and sister. I am very fortunate to have such wonderful family members. Thanks for stopping by with all comments welcome.


ADHD Only Research Study In Sydney: You Can Participate For Free

>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For those in Australia, there is a participation opportunity for those who are parents of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The Sydney University Faculty of Health Sciences are looking for participants for a play- based intervention program that assists children with ADHD to help develop their social interactions with others. This will also help them in learning how to build friendships.

"In a previous study involving 350 children, we discovered that the play of children with ADHD differed from that of their peers," says Professor Anita Bundy.

The program takes seven week including assessment of social language, play skills, and play-based intervention. They are seeking children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old, having a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD. Children can participate in the program if they have conditions commonly occurring with ADHD (learning disorders and oppositional defiant disorder) provided ADHD is the primary diagnosis.

Children will not be able to participate if they have other major developmental or psychiatric disorders (autism, intellectual disability, and cerebral palsy). Participants will be required to have functional English skills to participate. The program is free and you can learn more about the ADHD only play-based intervention study in Sydney, Australia from The Medical News.


Blast Off To A Sucessful Life

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Allison Maslan, author of "Blast Off!". All opinions are 100% mine.

I enjoy reading self help books to see how others think and feel about certain things. I came across something that was a little different than what I am used to. I came across a book that showed you how you can become successful including your career, personal life, finances, relationships, health and spiritual life. The book tells you how you can apply certain principles of life to achieve a successful life.

Alison Maslan who was a divorced mother, discovered a way to totally succeed in life with nine businesses and the ability to find the husband she has always dreamed about. A lot of Americans find their selves in the mist of personal distraught, and I believe that this book can help you see how to overcome the everyday issues that we have as we live. In her book Blast Off, launched back on January 19, 2010, it will give you daily action steps that will help you succeed in building a business, taking your career to the ultimate level, and have financial wealth and freedom. Let us not forget the personal satisfaction that you will receive when you try the action plan.

I think that this would be a good book for anyone who will be graduating. Either from high school or college, you can have a good idea of what opportunities that you have. As a mother of two, I did not get the chance to do a lot of the things that I wanted to do. I became a housewife devoting my life to my family. My husband will be graduating this month with a computer programming degree. He could really benefit from this book if he decides to create his own business some day. He even could end up working with some of the biggest businesses in the world. He can even benefit from learning how to create a better life for himself and for his family. Turning what you love to do into something that you can prosper from. For example, a hobby. I can take that hobby and create anything that I want to out of it, and use that to help guide my way to a better life. It is up to you to learn how to get the most out of life, and this book will give you ideas.

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Caseworker Troubles

A few months ago, we were given a new case worker for the boys. She works at the clinic where the boys are treated for their ADHD. I did have one that was very nice to our family, and she would do anything that I needed without question; never had anything bad to say.

A case worker is supposed to get medication from pharmacy, set up appointments, and run errands for you. They also can transfer paperwork to be signed from the schools to you if needed. My old case worker did it all. She was a true friend even though we could not be actual friends because it was strictly business. I was truly sad because I lost probably the best one out there. Thank you for everything that you have do for me. We will miss you greatly.

On to the new caseworker...

The first time that I saw her I had a child home sick with the stomach virus. She absolutely did not want anything from me after that. She took only one glance at Eddie on the couch and rushed to say, "Does he have the stomach virus?" What got me was that it seemed as if she knew what he had. Think about it, what are the chances of that happening when anything could have been wrong with him. I was shocked that she had determined that he was sick with a virus in less than five seconds. She rushed out of the screen door (I was in between the doors) as if she had some type of phobia to the stomach virus. A little more than a week later, she had come back to see me. This was her second visit to my house, and my old social worker basically had to make her come out here. I had knew for over two weeks or more that she was supposed to be coming to get started, but never did until the old worker was gone for good. It seemed like forever.

What gets me is that how she was talking to me. It's been a few days since we talked so I will try to remember as much as I can. Have you ever been told exactly how you are supposed to live and how you are supposed to raise your kids? Well, she was the queen of put downs I thought. I felt attacked from the very beginning. The house was not as clean as she thought it should be, so basically she took it out on the kids. She was telling me that her grown sons have ADHD, and they all including her husband treated her like a Queen of all things. Why is that so wrong? Well the impression that I got from her she was as if she basically owned her household and everyone in it. Now she was out to change mine. I do not think so. The boys have autism as well, and they are just not ready to be learning to do all that. Devin will cry just at the thought of having to do chores. Eddie has not reply. They do not understand the concept of keeping things cleaned. So for now I will continue to take care of them even if they do not learn how to do chores. That is my right if I want to do that; especially now.

Oh, and it does not stop there oh no! Next of all, she starts attacking my husband. He is currently waiting to get a job when he graduates from college this month. That is how he is wanting to do...wait until after graduation. Well the case worker thinks that she can attack that now. "You should be looking for a job right now..get your resume out. There is a place I know where you could work." She went on and on. She even got my husband cornered telling him that he need to get out and find a job. You can not just go out and talk to him like that. He will put you in your place and in a hurry.

I know that she really does not like us, she has shown that by trying to control what goes on behind my doors. Either that or she has a problem with poor people. I am planning to try and get someone else. We will not have any of that here...period.

Readers, yes I have vented out some of my issues that I have right now, but I thought that someone out there could relate or have a comment on the subject. Thanks for reading.


Deer Vs. Your Yard

>> Monday, May 3, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Deer Off. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the weather warming up and you begin to plant things, animals will start coming into your yard. Perhaps to eat your lovely garden or flowers that you have planted behind the house? I am sure that this has happened to many of you. Next thing you know, your entire yard and garden is destroyed. All of your hard work gone because of deer eating everything up.

Deer carry ticks and Lyme's Disease which can be dangerous for you and your family. Lyme's Disease can make you have severe fatigue, sleep disturbance, and cognitive difficulties. Now think, how can I protect my family from these diseases. First you can learn about deer control and how effective it can be.

What I have for you is also organic. Which in return can actually prevent the acceleration of diseases, provide mental and physical benefits, increase the vitamin and mineral content of your soil, and best of all save you money. Organic products are very important to me since we should live by the fruit of the land, and not from a factory.

Worried about having a large area to cover? No problem since this product will cover up to 1,000 square feet of your yard or garden in which I find it very useful. Also, it has a lasting effect for up to 90 days to help you even more. Note that you may need more due to high traffic of deer. It is a weather resistant formula designed especially for large lawns and can treat up to 100 ornamental shrubs that are at least four feet tall.

Imagine you had something that is easy on your hands when you are using it without having to use the squeeze motion. Would a battery powered sprayer catch your attention? Some would say where can I get one of those. It is a dual deterrent system formula that provides both scent and taste barriers to repel deer also, it is coupled with a hot pepper taste. So if they do happen to get past the scent barrier, the taste barrier is sure to get them caught.

This formula contains the following active ingredients:

4.63% Putrescent egg solids
.001% Garlic
.001% Capsaicin

So what exactly am I talking about? I will tell you and hope that you will try it out. I am talking to you to day about Deer Off from the makers of Havahart. Also, do you have a problem with squirrels and rabbits? No problem there, Deer Off can take care of that for you as well. Check out their website today and place your order. They are selling a 64 oz. bottle of Deer Off for around $30. Expensive you may say, but think about it. How much money and time did you spend on creating your gardens and yards. Probably thousands over the years. Now you can protect it all with Deer Off. This deer repellent is sure to please you, your yards, and your wallet. Do not forget to order yours today. Your yard deserves the best so get rid of deer, rabbits and squirrels while you protect the ones you love...your family.

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Mississippi Tornadoes

>> Sunday, May 2, 2010

For the second weekend in a row, Mississippi has seen it's fair share of tornadoes. On April 24, 2010 multiple tornadoes were seen across Mississippi. As many would know, we lost 10 people due to what had been discovered as one tornado. The biggest one was in Yazoo City, MS with winds up to 160 mph and 1.75 miles across at its peak, and was the ninth deadliest tornado. It had left a trail for 149.25 miles. The Tallulah, Louisiana tornado finally dissipated in Sturgis, Mississippi. A tornado tracker for the 149 mile tornado will help you see exactly how far it went.

The Candlestick Park F-5 traveling 203 miles is the record for a Mississippi tornado. It happened on March 3, 1966. In February 21, 1971, 58 people had died prior to 1900 which was the record for the time. The most deadliest tornado in Mississippi occurred on May 6, 1840 with 317 dead. See how much we have changed in the way we forecast and alert people for tornadoes and sever weather.

Another famous tornado was in Tupelo, MS going all the way to Gainsville, Georgia. It happened on April 6, 1936. It was also an F-5 in Tupelo, and then an F-4 in Gainsville. It is said that letters from Gainsville were blown up to 67 miles away in Anderson, South Carolina. Another way that this was to become a famous tornado was because Elvis Presley happened to be a survivor of the 1936 Tupelo tornado. A partial list of about 82 that had died in the 1936 Tupelo tornado is available. However, more than a 100 were killed from the storm.

After the April 23-24, 2010 outbreak that had killed 10 in Mississippi, we are seeing even more tornadoes across Northern Mississippi.

After a tornado in Abbeville, MS hit, Phyliss Sabbatini was killed at age 45. It is located north of Oxford, MS on Sat. May 1, 2010. WTVA has taken down the post about three, but I did find one at the local newspaper saying that 4 were dead in Mississippi tornadoes. Several reports of tornadoes came across Union, Prentiss and Alcorn counties that I know of. It will take a few days to get all of the reports in on this weekend's round of tornadoes. As of today, Sunday, we are seeing bad weather again. Here is two radar maps at different times. The date and times are at the bottom. I doubt that we will have a tornado today somewhere, but the day is still here so the threat is here as well.
WTVA has reposted their news article. They are saying that three are dead in Mississippi.
During these horrible storms there was also a car accident due to heavy rains. Dustin Tyler Sloan of Saltillo, Ms (just north of Tupelo) was traveling on Hwy 78 (goes from Memphis to Alabama through Tupelo) when he wrecked into a bridge rail. He was not wearing a seat belt and was pronounced dead at the scene.
Dustin was only 20 years old.
After stormy weather on Sunday May 01, 2010, a 16 year old died when the car she was traveling in hit another car who was helping another one who had hydroplained earlier. Her name was Monique Braham of Shannon. The accident occured between the Main St. and Eason Boulevard. Read more here.
Also in the article, a man was pulled from rushing waters near Shiloh Rd. in Corinth, MS. His name has not been released as of yet.