Something Just Isn't Right

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, it's time for another medication evaluation for Little Ed. His ADHD medication (that he must have) is causing autism like symptoms. So here we are back having trouble at school. He is like a mad child everywhere he does due to types of sensitivities I guess. Sometimes, I can't even tell which one is which. Some scientists believe that ADD/ADHD is at one end of the spectrum, and autism is at the other end. In between is every other similar issue that falls between these two. He is doing everything that he is not supposed to when it comes to his behavior. It started a few days ago after being off his medicine for several days due to a shorted supply. We just seem to run out before the next doctors appointment. He is having an attitude difficulty in which he portrays through his voice of little care and energy. Just seems angry...I don't know. He had threatened another little girl at school while a substitute was there. He was probably over stimulated by something. This time, he wouldn't do his work in class. This child is so out of sorts that I don't know where to begin. How in the world do you treat ADHD without it interfering with their autism as well?

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