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>> Monday, February 9, 2009

While I was reading "Why Your Child Is Hyperactive," By: Dr. Ben F. Feingold, I thought that a few quotes would be great for my blog. Mr. Feingold was a very smart man that had a hunch and wasn't going to give up until he was able to scientifically prove that the Feingold Diet is the ADHD diet. He wanted the scientific data and research to prove his theory that additives are harmful to our bodies, causing adverse reactions to chemicals in modern technology way of providing us with necessary things in order to survive.

" By now I was positive that no serious consideration, in cause and effect, diagnosis and treatment of the H-LD, had been given to environmental factors such as additives. Everything from toxemia and drugs during pregnancy; asphyxia, and JAUNDICE AT BIRTH; brain damage during delivery, genetic variations; retarded development of the nervous system, endocrine disturbances had been offered potential causes." Ben F Fengold 1975 Random House Publishers.

I made jaundice at birth in big shout out letters because my oldest was jaundice at birth. Could the dyes that the mother ingest while pregnant be causing jaundice? Several months ago. I was wondering if there was and autism and jaundice connection...maybe I have now found my answer to why. An H-LD is basically a child with ADHD. This book is so wonderful if you like to read stories on how research and a hunch comes alive.

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