Do You Homeschool Some parents refuse public schools

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

First of all my two boys are going to public schools. They always have, because they luckily have been able to go with out to much confrontation on their ability to stay in class. We have had behavior issues with my oldest for the first two years of school, but after that he has been great. I admit that he has a few bad days because of being oversensitive some days. It just doesn't cause an everyday problem with him like some would. Lisa Jo Rudy explains why she will never go back to public schools ever again in this article.

Struggling with the IEP's are difficult, and I've never had a problem doing ours. I know the teachers very well, but may see problems down the road when they do reach middle school. They are still young, and behaviors change over time. For now, I just have to keep that candy away from them at school. They are always giving it to my youngest just for being good that day. I'm gonna hate to find out what they are having for Valentine's Day. I just can't have them loaded up on sugar. Needing to add the Feingold Diet to their IEP's next time that we meet.

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