Feingold Program Works

>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thought that I would do an entry on us again to update on how we are doing around here, I have recently changed the way I give my sons their medication. It has an orange colored coating on the capsule that takes up half of it. I was wondering if it was causing his hyperactivity, and boy howdy it was. For the last two days he has been humming around the house and being a model child. For once he was happy within himself. Dev is still missing something for now, but hopefully he will get better as time goes by. Ed is playing with his new set of hot wheels cars...usually Dev ends up with them. Ed is wrapped up in his blanked on his bed. I am still in shock on how the Feingold Program really does work.

All I've really done is taken them off colors for now. They are picky eaters who just don't eat salicylates. Thanks Mrs. Jane for contacting me on this diet. Also thanks to their therapist for telling me that I should. I started researching the colors and found Feingold. I am just so amazed at them and hope that we can maintain this newly found peace of mind.

The boys have a sense that colors especially have a major effect on them. Sometimes they want to say no. Dev is more difficult only because it still gets bought on occasion, but we now had our proof and will say no more. I myself was an active yellow #5 in taker and have felt awful from rheumatoid arthritis as if I overloaded my body of them. I will start aching and joints will hurt something awful. So when I don't drink to many of them letting the chemicals build up I don't feel so bad.

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