MEGA Games

>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

I found a new place for the boys to play some really cool games.MEGA Brands Kids Zone
has a game that I know they will love to play. They love Magnetics and there is a game that they can play online without dragging out the magnetics at home. It is much funner to play on the computer. And less time consuming. The boys love how the games control so I tested it out on them. They said that this was the funnest place to play ever.This is now one of our family favorite places to come and play games that we know are safe. There are also lots of other games there and even a place for them to draw. Contests are up and you can even get free wallpapers and go shopping. So if you have kids in the house especially boys, then they will love coming over here to play. We sure do.

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