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>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here is Devin's IEP Kindergarten

Devin is a five (6) year old boy who was experiencing delays in the areas of language, cognitive, self-help, social, fine, and gross motor skills. According to the LAP-3, he has mastered the skills in the cognitive area up to 47 months and is now functioning at 59 months. Devin can classify pictures by pointing and match related pictures. Devin has mastered language skills up to 41 months and is now functioning at 65 months. He uses personal pronouns (I, you, me) and answer questions appropriately. He has also mastered skills in the areas of of self-help and social. In the areas of fine and gross motor, progress has been made but more time is needed to met goals. Devin has made tremendous progress since beginning services in November 2007. He participates in whole group activities such as reciting nursery rhyme, singing songs, listens attentively to story, and responds to questions appropriately. Devin follows classroom rules and works well with other children. He is able to integrate into the General pre-k where he participates in classroom activities. Since Devin will be in a learning environment next year it is recommended that he receive tutorial services with SPED teacher as needed. His parents want Devin to continue strengthen his skills in all areas.

Measures paper with non-standard unit.
Names and tells use of clock.
Completes bead pattern.
Predicts and tests hypothesis.
Running broad jumps.
Imitates building "gate" with cubes.
Uses pencil sharpener.
Winds thread on spool.
Puts paper clips on papers.
Folds and creases paper horizontally and vertically.
Demonstrate that print carries meaning for the reader.
Points to words in a text when reading aloud, matching spoken words to pint.
Recognizes that sentences in print are made up of separate words.
Distinguish letters from words.
Count forward to 20 and backwards from 10.
Recognize and write numbers represent quantities to 0 to 20.
Create models of sets of objects 0 to 20.

He will be taking the Terra Nova school test this year.

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