>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guess I'll do an update on us for now. My family reads my blog so I'll throw these in there from time to time. I went to the dentist three days ago, to have my wisdom tooth pulled. It actually felt good to get it out. I am having the rest done soon after I get these kidneys looked at again. I will be going to the eye doctor tomorrow so I'll be back in glasses again. Oh boy I hate those things, but I gotta see right? I am also planning on being checked for rheumatoid arthritis, because of the joints that I do have are very painful. The Feingold Diet help with that though. Guess that is all with me.
Little Ed is behaving much better after I had changed his medicine up so that he could take it. Instead of giving him the capsule, I mixed the ingredients in water to avoid the's been a miracle for him and his behavior. Dev is on his meds now and I do his the same way. They are now behaving much better and not having to be tried to disciplined every 2 seconds. Husband is still in college working on computer programming. He will graduate in 2010. I am very prod of him maintaining a 4.0 GPA since he has started college. Good luck dear and hope that your dreams come true. Guess that covers everything for now.

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