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>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There were a few stories out there that I wanted to share with you. Instead of doing them one by one, I thought that I would try something different and talk about each one briefly and we'll see how that works.

Autism News is doing fair for today. There was some big news coming out of Montana. Their autism insurance bill has been approved for the state by the senate. This is very good news for them. In recent days, these bills have been going through American states, some have been approved and some have been declined. You can read about Montana here. Details of the bill are inside the link.

Next, we have Autism Advocates hopes for legislation funding in Nevada. They received 2 million dollars, but say that it was not enough for the proposed state budget. Advocates are still trying to receive more funding. They are going under Assembly Bill 162. You can read the article here.

Only six states in the country require their insurance companies to cover Autism treatment. If Assembly Bill 162 passes, Nevada will be the seventh. Last legislative session, lawmakers approved $2 million for Autism funding. There is a measure being drafted right now that would put that money back into the budget.

Standardized tests are required for school age children, but because of IDEA, Lisa Jo Rudy explains that they are getting left behind by not being required to take the tests. She explains this here in this article. She talks about No Child Left Behind, but autistic students are not taking these standardized test. My two boys have never taken these tests, and it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon either. She is right about it having to be put on the students IEP. Our school system is the same way. No suggestions just do it and be done with it. They need a few things put on there as well.

Here is a short article about low fish consumption can lead to ADHD. Using Omega-3 fatty acids to build up certain functions. Just don't know if you should stay away from fish due to mercury as well. Hmmm..don't know about that one. Hope you enjoy the article though. Let's see how well this post goes, so I'm off to publishing...

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