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>> Monday, March 30, 2009

The boys have done it again, and the teachers have really been very pleased. Eddie's teacher says, "I love his brain. I love how it works." He is reading at an early 4th grade level and he is now almost done with the 2nd grade. I was really impressed with him on that one. He's reading on a J level.

Devin is reading where he should be which is great for him. He's still quite a loner when it comes to social play. His teacher was worried about a gagging reflex while at lunch. She said that he picked at his food and would mostly eat the bread. She was wondering about acid reflux. I told her that most kids with autism has stomach issues and I was in need of a doctor for them. She recommended one, and I plan on taking them as soon as possible. Well, lets get on with their grades. Let's do Eddie first:


Handwriting S S S S
Spelling 100 99 100 98
Language 90 88 89 94
Reading 99 82 91 98
Math 99 100 100 98
Science 94 100 97 100
Social Studies 95 85 90 88


Reading S+ E E- E
Language S E S+ E
Math S S S S
Science S S S S
Social Studies S S S S

Great job boys! Keep up the good work 1st grade and 3rd grade are just around the bend
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