Dolphin Bubbles

>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dolphin Bubbles are becoming a wonderful phenomenon that many have learned how to create at Sea World. These dolphins have learned to blow and play with bubbles from using their blow holes. That is totally amazing don't you think? You can also learn more by going to One dolphin had made perfect bubbles, and now most of the females have learned how to do it as well. The males seem to be preoccupied with social interaction among themselves. Some people have sat for hours who work with the dolphins just amazed at what they can do. They are also wanting to play with their own bubbles and when another dolphin comes over to play with one of the bubbles, the dolphin that made it just pops it. Oh what fun. Wish that I could go see them in person. It would be worth the trip to so see them in action. Hope that you enjoy this video and the dolphins. The boys really enjoyed watching this video with me. They thought that it was amazing as well.

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