Developmental Delay Winter Newsletter Download 2009

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

Download this Quarter's newsletter today!
Here is your Winter issue of "New Developments." Please take the time to print it and read it carefully. Yes, I realize it's almost Spring, but we wanted to time the newsletter to coincide with the launch of our beautiful new website. Thanks to Pat Watt, you will now be able to find information much more easily.
Be sure and check out the Sponsor's products to clean up your home environment. With every product you purchase from Joan Spear, you support DDR.

The DDR newsletter goes free to Families, Educators, Students and Retirees (including grandparents). We ask that if you are a Professional or Organization, that you pay the reduced fee, either by mail, or by going to and using PayPal. In exchange, we will link you to our website and promote you in our 2009 Networking Directory.
If you are a Professional or Organization, please make printed copies for your waiting room and the clients you see regularly. You can also feel free to forward it to anyone who you think would be interested.

We welcome your comments and concerns.

Thanks so much,


This came to me as an email and I thought that I would share it with you. Enjoy reading up on it, and hopefully I'll get around to doing more of these so as always keep coming back to enjoy new things.

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