Caring & Cooking for the Allergic Child Book Review

>> Thursday, March 5, 2009

Caring & Cooking for the Allergic Child by Linda L. Thomas is a useful resource for a person with allergies. It is not limited to one specific diet, but is filled with great knowledge on travel, hospital stays, and even school situations. This book is as old as I am and information has changed over the years. If you like old books, then this is one that you may want to hunt down. One of the best parts is the recipes. Other points of interest include celiac disease, salysilates, and additives/preservatives, as well as others. A simple handbook to have when trying to cope with an alergic child/adult. So go on out and pick it up... you may find it useful. It can be found at Amazon, but copies are limited and are very cheap. The book is 29 years old so it can be difficult to find. You may want to check out your local library as well. The link is a book search link. There were no pictures available. Just make sure you pick up the right copy.

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