Prentiss Co. Asperger's Student Denied Transfer

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remember the child who was denied a school transfer? The little boy from Prentiss Co., Mississippi who has Asperger's syndrome was denied a transfer to Burnsville school. He was attending Hills Chapel elementary school in Prentiss County. Deanna Thacker said her son had been mistreated at Hills Chapel through physical restraint and threatened with a paddle, among other things, before she removed him. Malcolm Kuykendal, the Tishomingo school superintendent said that the school board considered the request but turned it down. Before the vote on Monday, the board members agreed that Ryan was getting a proper education in Prentiss county, and wanted the child. Joseph Murry, the Thacker's lawyer said," I've never seen a school board so stubborn. Even the Hills Chapel principle said if what said is to happen to Ryan happened to her own kids, she wouldn't send them back to the school." The family is exploring their options and it includes wether or not to ask for a temporary restraining order. You can read the Daily Journal article for more information.

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Anney March 12, 2009 at 9:34 AM  

How can they do this to a child? He has been physically restrained and slapped in the face, oh poor thing. I can't believe there are people like this. My heart goes out to him.