Glasses For How Many Did You Say

>> Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well, the boys and I went to the optometrist yesterday. Quite and experience I do say. Husband and I picked up the boys from school and went on. Once we got there i was told that Eddie may not be able to get his done since his insurance number changed, and I did not have a letter from the office. they ended up allowing it after all. Guess since I had also brought the school referral along with me. Who knows. After all the grueling new patient records, we waited and waited some more. Devin found the boys while Eddie laid in my lap getting impatient. I was too. The first test was where they puffed air in your eyes and those other tests that they do. Devin cried when they did it. Then we had to use the chart to see letters. Devin came in first. Eddie second, and my poor old eyes barely could see the E (the biggest letter on the chart). They dilated the boys eyes with drops which I'll regret later. Then looked at our eyes with his lighted microscopic looking equipment. He noticed a problem in Devin that was only starting to get bad. Eddie's was worse since he has had the problem since pre-school or before. I was the root of the problem. So after we were all done we got to pick out our glasses and call it a day or so we thought. The boys came home with disposable sunglasses and Devin immediately fell ill once we had come home. He had a terrible headache and an upset stomach. He moaned and cried until he eventually got sick on the floor. Thank the Lord I do not have carpet. He got up on the couch after that and went to sleep. I had no idea that the drops they put in his eyes made him sick at his stomach, and gave him a headache. He woke up this morning still a little sick, and he went back and laid on the couch. He was sick again so he went back to bed for a little while before he got up later feeling better.

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