I Hate Being Sick

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My poor Little Eddie. He is still sick with a fever of 101. He is about tired of having it and wishing that it would go down. He has asked me about all of the ways you can make a fever go away. So I told him. It is all he can do to just lay on the couch almost in tears with this fever. He hurts pretty bad. I have been giving him Tylenol, but it is just like Devin's fever. His lasted for three days before it broke. Eddie is on day two. The boys went to bed extra early last night. After I had gotten Eddie in his room finally after being sensitive to the television, he went to sleep for the night. Devin was on the couch with his big blanket and went to sleep around 6:30 and slept through the night after I had put him to bed. It will just take some time before it will go away, but I am here with them watching their temps very closely. Wish us luck and a get well, and I'll see you all later.

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