Animal Therapies

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Animal therapies are becoming common with helping children with autism. I found this wonderful article on autism dogs, that I thought you would like to read. They are just so amazing on how they help with the child to cope with everyday living. Plus, it gives them a new best friend. I wish we had one, but Eddie is allergic to dogs, and Devin is just plain scared of them. The dogs keep the children close to home allowing for the parent to relax for a moment. Other great website include 4pawsforability, Autism Service Dogs of America, and National Service Dogs (Canada) Horse therapy is also common and Winslow has a great website on horses and autism therapy. I love horses, and I was planning on taking the boys to Have A Heart Horse Rescue this summer to enjoy the horses there. The poor things. Other great websites include dolphin therapy. Planet Puna is also a dolphin website. Hope you enjoy discovering these therapies and that it helps make a decision on what kind of therapy you would like to try.

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