A Great Autism Meeting

>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well guys, I went to the autism meeting last night, and it was a good one. The speaker, Dr. Callaghan, was talking about the biomedical approach to autism. He was talking to us on how to get started in the biomedical aspect of autistic children and how to heal their bodies... to feed a starving brain. Autism is contributed to many factors, and an unborn child is even still at risk for all of the chemicals that are transported from the mother to the unborn child. Pesticides and mercury are transported to the child causing harm already. Some children are just predisposed to have a weaker immune system that the environment triggers and causing autistic like behaviors. Treating a child with autism is difficult, from diets, to nutritional supplements, removal of metals in the body (chelation), and probiotics ( parasites in the digestive system) to break down materials in the body. Children with autism usually don't have enough of these probiotics to compensate for their bodily functions, and can be added to help the body rid itself of many bad things. Most can have parasites that also need to be treated. Yeast is also another problem with children with autism. Yeast can travel to the brain causing inflammation. An entire body affected by yeast, because the body can't rid itself of it without help. Medication and a lowered yeast diet can help rid the body of this potential problem. B12 is also very helpful with a child with autism since they have lowered amounts. Make sure that their B12 is checked. There is so much that can be done to help a child with autism so get those tests done to see what you can do to help the ones that you love. You may refer to other articles and posts that I can created to find out information on biomedical treatments that could potentially help you children and yourself.

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