Oxygen Therapy For Autism

>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is being used in the treatment of autism (mannerism, and physical behavior). Dr. Gerald Wootan sees 100-200 autistic children. He is with the Jenks Health Team. Wootan’s patients are stroke victims, children with autism, patients with peripheral vascular disease, people whose bones or soft tissue have been damaged by radiation, people with cerebral palsy, patients with skin grafts or burns, and those with any condition created or worsened by a lack of blood flow. Researcher saw statistically significant improvements among its autistic subjects in mannerisms, health and physical behavior, sensory and cognitive awareness and speech, language and communication. Some label this treatment for autism as quackery. But Wootan, a state-licensed osteopathic physician in good standing, sees significant benefits.

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