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From time to time I feel like a book report on a certain subject. Well, that is exactly what we are going to do today. Or at least start on it, because I promise you it will be long. Thanks for taking the time to read what material I have given. Again, there is this wonderful book called, "Envisioning A Bright Future" Edited by Patricia Lemer of DDR (developmental delay resources) that has helped me out in this report on "A Biomedical Approach To Autism. " I thank her for such a wonderful book and to the other editors that have worked on the book as well. Well, here we go...

Dietary modifications
1.) GFCF Diet (gluten-free and casein-free): The best candidates for the GFCF diet are children who: a.) are already eating a limited diet of mostly gluten and casein containing foods. b.) get sick easily and/or have chronic loose stools. c.) have a history of ear infections and/or colic and/or d.) have poor eye contact and are difficult to engage.

2.) Allergy Elimination Diet: Doris Rapp was one of the first to show the benefit of eliminating certain foods in children with attention, behavior, and learning problems. When parents removed the problematic foods milk, wheat, corn, eggs, soy, and chocolate, 86% of children with chronic ear infections and chronic fluid were helped.

3.) Feingold Diet: diet free of additives, preservatives, food coloring and flavorings as well as natural containing salicylates such as aspirin which caused hyperactivity in children. For more information read other posts on this blog or go to FAUS.

4.) Soy-Free Diet: Studies suggest that soy may also bother some children who react to casein. The chemical structure of the soy protein is similar to casein and a cross sensitivity may exist in up to 50% of those who react to dairy products. Please read "The Whole Soy Story" by: Kayla Daniels.

5.) Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) The goal is to stop the cycle of malabsorption and microbe overgrowth by removing the preferred foods and microbes: disaccharide sugars and starch. The SCD goes well beyond a GFCF diet in that it also removes complex carbohydrates (grains and starch), and white sugar(sucrose). This diet does allow only the simple carbohydrates found in fruit. For more information read, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall.

6.) Yeast-Free Diet: Dr. William Shaw found that children with a diagnosis of autism had extremely high levels of yeast by-products in their urine. Yeasts and fungi are common organisms that live in us all. When an individual consumes to much sugar, or the immune system is weak, the yeast population can grow aggressively. Yeast manufactures wast products that can be toxic or irritating. More than 100 recognized substances are describes as sugars. These include, but are not limited to sucrose, turbinado, honey, fructose, barley malt, rice or yinnie syrup, dextrose, soritol, xylistol, aspartame, mannitol and lactose. Fruit juice is one of the most common and over looked sources of sugar. Many children consume up to a quart of juice each day. Fruit juice should be diluted and limited to one cup per day. Apple and Grape juice both contain salicylates so these products give susceptible children a double dose of potential poisons. Limiting yeast-containing foods to prevent futher introduction of yeast is useful, although may not be sufficient. Patients much also take supplements containing good bacteria called probiotics to displace the yeast, and in severe cases take anti-fungal substances to kill the yeast. Natural yeast killers such as oregano oil, garlic, olive leaf extract, and other herb combinations. Stubborn cases require drugs such as Nystatin, Diflucan, and Nizoral.

7.) Body Ecology Diet (BED) In 2003, Donna Gates developed the diet that has shown that many with autism and related disorders have shown rapid and remarkable improvement on. This diet is compatible with both the GFCF and SCD. The BED both heals the gut by reestablishing colonies of good gut flora, and nourishes it with nutritious foods that allow organ systems to rebuild. The BED strives to increase the intake of whole, unrefined foods using the following principles a.) eat copious amounts of root and leafy green vegetables b.) eat animal foods and sugars in very small quantities c.)practice regular bowel cleansing and d.) combine protein and fruits and vegetables in a given meal, but not with carbohydrates. Please read, " The Body Ecology Diet" by Donna Gates.

Nutritional Supplements

Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 are important in autism. Omega-3 is essential for development, and it increases cell membrane fluidity. Symptoms include hair loss, dry or peeling skin, eczema, fatigue, growth impairment, aggression, dry brittle hair, eating disorders, excessive or diminished thirst, gallstones, immune deficiency, hyperactivity, and impaired wound healing.


Nutritionists and others have used vitamins in combination of vitamin A, B complex, C, and E along with minerals such as zinc, chromium, selenium, and calcium.

Vitamin A
- refer here about Mary Megson.

Vitamin B's
: The B vitamins are co-enzymes that play a role in energy production as well as for healthy nerves, hair, skin, eyes, liver and mouth. They also maintain good muscle tone in the gastrointestinal tract. Children with ASD can take B vitamin supplements up to 50 mg of vitamin B-1 and B-2 with other B's provided in balance. Watch for irritability, the most common side effect of taking to many B's. Vitamin B6 supports no biological treatment for autism more strongly than the use of high dosage, vitamin B6, preferably given along with magnesium. Twenty studies have been published since 1965 that high doses of vitamin B6 in autism has reported any significant adverse effect, not would any significant adverse effects be expected. While vitamin B6/ magnesium is not a cure for many with autism it has made a difference. Chronic gut inflammation, toxicity, and vegetarian diets can all contribute to low levels of B12. Methylcobalamin is concentrated vitamin B12 and 55 mcg/kg twice a week injected. Injections bypass the gut where pills have to go to the gut.

Vitamin C is an extremely safe water soluble antioxidant and beneficial to the brain and body. It's potential for preventing and treating autism has little research. Children under 18 use 250- 1000 mg per day or in a higher dose to protect against illness. Methylcobalamin is the best active form of vitamin B12. Later the body will detoxify itself. Vitamin E should be 200-400 IU and aids in the detoxification of ASD patients.

Minerals- refer here

Enzymes are widely used with ASD patients because a substantial group has chronic digestive disturbances. When the gut is irritated or inflamed the body can not produce and utilize digestive enzymes correctly. Common digestive symptoms include chronic loose stools, excessive gas and bloating, usually putrid bowel movements, pain, poor eating habits and reflux. Two companies specialize in digestive enzymes are Kirkman and Houston Nutraceuticals.

Probiotics means "on support of life." They are a class of supplements made up of many different organisms with names such as lactobacillus acidphilus. Adding these good bacteria to the gut is for healing the lining in those with intestinal symptoms. Look for the ones containing billions (not millions) of organisms such as these: Culturelle, ThreeLac, and MegaFlora. Keep probiotics refrigerated, as organisms die when exposed to high temperatures. Grapeseed or pine park extract is non-toxic and is a non-prescription alternative for improving focus, memory, fine motor skills and eye contact. The active ingredient is a type of bioflavonoid. Choline compounds is an amino acid essential for brain development. It is found in eggs, fish, and soybeans. The lack of choline early in life can permanently limit brain capacity for learning. In 1998 the National Academy of Science recognized choline, and established a daily requirement of 425-550 mg. It can improve integrity and signaling ability of the nerve cell membranes. Several forms of choline include phosphatidylcholine and dimethlaminbethanal (DMAE) a relative of choline which is beneficial in autism and are building blocks for the neurotransmitters acetylcholine. Choline as phosphatidylcholine is absorbed directly into cell membranes and also regualtes permeability. DMAE unlike some forms of choline readily crosses the brain-blood barrier. It directly increases the generation of acetylcholine. Dosing range is 50-200 mg for children. As with all supplements stop DMAE immediately if irritability occurs. Transfer factors are naturally occurring molecules that contain our immune history. Hugh Fudenbers is the researcher who is usually associated with transfer factors. He had a study that had a 74% reduction in illness and an 86% reduction in antibiotic use. Start with one 200mg capsule and work up to 2000 mg a day gradually increasing over the first month. To learn more go to the Transfer Factor Institute.

Detoxification techniques

Chelation is the process in which all metals are removed from the body. The heaviest and likely the most toxic are mercury, lead, nickel, and cadmium. Before attempting to remove metals make sure the child eats a high protein diet because metals are not excreted well on a low protein diet. Ages 3-4 gets a minimum of 25 g day; ages 5 and up require 30g a day. They also need 3 to 4 fruits and vegetables each day because they contain phytonutrients and antioxidents to support the detoxification pathways. Try Kirkman's New and Improved Super Nu Thera with P5P. You can also try New Beginnings Basic Nutrients Plus here. Also check out METAL-FREE available at Body Health.

Infared saunas is one of the safest ways to detoxify heavy metals and balance the body's pH by using a sauna. A far infared sauna duplicates the same frequencies as normal body heat. Far infared heat rays penetrates the body to a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches. The body's tissues selectively absorb these rays as water in the cells reacts in a process called "resonant absorption." which causes toxins to be released into the bloodstream and then excreted.
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