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>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

There are many You Tube video's on Gary McKinnon, and I thought that I would at least share the search link for his video's. He is currently going to have legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has agreed to participate in a musical protest against attempts to extradite UFO enthusiast turned hacker Gary McKinnon to the US. Janis Sharp, McKinnon's mum, is organising a sing-in protest to coincide with President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to London for the G20 conference on the global economic crisis at the beginning of April. News of Gilmour's involvement gives a massive publicity boost to these efforts. You can read up on this article here.
Here is the embeded video in the article for you to watch here. His mother has rewritten the words to Graham Nash's Chicago. In which David Gilmour will sing for Gary McKinnon.

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