Hand Grounded Rice Flour

>> Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello everyone, I thought about making some rice flour as I try to learn how to apply the GFCF/Feingold diets to our lives. Something that seems hard to do since everything they eat, they probably don't need.

Rice Flour (hand-ground)
Large bag of white rice (I used 1/2 bag this time.
Allow rice to soak in water for 2 to 3 hours. (With mine, I started after soaking for three hours, but realized it needed to be a little softer since I was hand grinding it.

Use a cheese cloth to place rice in to drain out excess water. Use something heavy to put on top to "mash" the water out of the bag. Do this as you are grinding the rice into powder by hand since we are also removing the moisture out of the rice.

I would crush up the rice a little at a time until it was grounded into flour. It does dry over time. I also sift the flour many times to remove the ungrounded rice.

It is a very long and dreadful process. I've been working on mine for about 2 days, and it still needs some drying. I really enjoyed making it, and was well worth the time that I put into it. I hope that there is something that I can make out of it without having to grind up another kind of flour and buying other ingredients. As we all know a budget is a budget, and besides it was kind of painful for my joints which have problems of their own. You may also use a blender or grinder before you place it in a cheese cloth. This is my first batch ever, and I haven't tried it any other way.

Hope you will try it if you can cope with all the work involved.

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