March 1980 Texas Adoptee Looking For Birthparents

I am a Texas adoptee who was born the week of spring 1980 at Polly Ryan Medical Center in Richmond, Texas. I believe that one or both of my birthparents were in the military, and both worked in restaurants. Birthmother was born in 1957 with two sisters 1960 and 1961. My birthparents were married in February 1979, and were married for six months. I had seizures at birth as well. I had a closed adoption with now Spaulding For Children based in Houston, Texas. My birthfather was born in 1958. Over the past few years I have had adoptee angels working to filter through public records looking for a possible connection. I have had names checked as if I knew who they were, then I could receive my original birth certificate from the state. The names that I have right now that have not been checked are as follows:

Birthmother: Darlene Kay (Bennett) Peters
Birthfather: Douglas R. Whitehead

They should still be somewhere near Richmond, Texas today!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Dev's Bithday Scooter....OH BOY!!!

>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yesterday was my little Dev's birthday. He turned six years old. He was very excited for the last couple of months on the approach of his birthday. When we picked the boys up from school, we had a few errands that we need to run since my husband is back in school. We allow the boys to share each others birthdays to avoid any conflict with behavior. They felt they were in desperate need in to going home instead of taking some (long) time in town to get everything done. The entire time, they were complaining and whimpering. They knew they had presents at home, and they just couldn't control themselves to be at least quiet until time to go home. Kids will be kids, but these two just couldn't keep it together. So Devin finally got to come home and played hide and seek to find his present that was hidden behind his bedroom door. He pulls it out, and was totally amazed. He had seen kids playing on them before, and here it was...his turn now. He went around and around for about 4 hours. Face was beet red and he was breaking a sweet. However, you could not pry that scooter away from him for anything without him going into a major overdrive of anger. It was so exhausted from it all. He became violent and I tried to coax him to bed. Ed had already gone to bed once I was still trying to get pj's on Dev. Of course, Dev had chocolate cake which I know is a big no no. That also aided in the complete breakdown and obsession over the scooter. It wasn't over when he finally went to sleep. He was dreaming about it. You could hear him talking about that scooter. When morning came, where did he go after his guessed it. That scooter again. HAHAHAHA he has gotten really good at it, but is sensitive to playing it indoors since talking and noises made it hard for him to concentrate on riding. Hope you enjoyed this little story.

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Betsy January 9, 2009 at 8:12 AM  

Happy Birthday, Dav! Cute scooter story!