Howie Mandel Raises ADHD Awareness Campaign

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

Howie Mandel host of Deal or No Deal is coming out saying that as a child in school he could not focus on school due to impulsivity. He is now part of the Adult ADHD Is Real Campaign. Who would have ever thought that he would have adult ADHD? He was diagnosed as an adult and encourages adults who may suspect ADHD in themselves to get tested and treated. He says that he is involved to teach adults that it is never to late to receive help. You can read the article here on MSNBC.
You can also learn more about him and the Adult ADHD Is Real Campaign. There is also a self test to help you screen for ADHD. Hope you will go visit and learn about Howie Mandel. I'd say congratulations to Howie for believing in all of us.

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