March 1980 Texas Adoptee Looking For Birthparents

I am a Texas adoptee who was born the week of spring 1980 at Polly Ryan Medical Center in Richmond, Texas. I believe that one or both of my birthparents were in the military, and both worked in restaurants. Birthmother was born in 1957 with two sisters 1960 and 1961. My birthparents were married in February 1979, and were married for six months. I had seizures at birth as well. I had a closed adoption with now Spaulding For Children based in Houston, Texas. My birthfather was born in 1958. Over the past few years I have had adoptee angels working to filter through public records looking for a possible connection. I have had names checked as if I knew who they were, then I could receive my original birth certificate from the state. The names that I have right now that have not been checked are as follows:

Birthmother: Darlene Kay (Bennett) Peters
Birthfather: Douglas R. Whitehead

They should still be somewhere near Richmond, Texas today!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Update On Boys

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello everyone, just thought I'd give you an update on the boys. I had to take Dev to the dentist today. His permanent tooth is coming up from behind his baby tooth, and I wanted to have it looked at. The doctor told me to wait about another month, and if it hasn't come out to come back. I really hope it does. He did sit in the dentist chair without moving a muscle. He loves going to the dentist and having his teeth cleaned. He doesn't complain to much with that one. He does have his six year old molars coming in, and he has said they are sore. I kept him home today from school, and he is being so good for me. I have taken out all the colors (FD&C) out of their diets, and I have to admit that I am seeing wonders with them. There are still some every now and then behavior problems, but they are getting better. I'm very glad at that. They were playing checkers together last night without getting all upset over one another. Hooray!! Also, they were actually sharing toys which they hardly do anyways. Dev got a new fire truck from grandma and was even letting Ed play with it. WOW!! This is a major accomplishment for them both. Good job boys!! I was planning on taking them to a DAN doctor, but the ONLY one in MISSISSIPPI doesn't take medicaid. AARGG! So I don't know where I'll go from their or if I should just put them on a GFCF diet anyways to see what kind of results I can get. Ed is kind of weary of the whole thing, but once I find what he really likes, and I'm able to get the ingredients to make it then maybe he will come along. Last night he was fussing over the colors. He was saying, "Everything has colors in it!" He just didn't want to eat or drink anything. He has his little mood change. I think that he was too sleepy and sensitive to his environment, as well as the fact that he was being hurried off to bed so that he could go to school this morning. When he woke up, he was rearing to get going. I didn't even have trouble of getting him out of be which is usually very hard. Well hope you have a great day

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Betsy January 13, 2009 at 7:16 AM  

Hi! I love reading posts like this. Progress! I'm so happy for you! I can't imagine one of my boys sitting perfectly in the dentist's chair! ha-ha!