Their School Grades

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

I thought that I would let people know the boys school grades for the first semester.
Here are Ed's grades.
Handwriting S+ S S
Spelling 100 99 100
Language 90 88 89
SE Language 97 91 94
Reading 99 82 91
Math 99 100 100
Art S S S
Science 94 100 97
Soc. St. 95 85 90
He does show some weaknesses in Reading and Language Arts. Answering questions remembered from a story can be quite difficult with him.

Here are Dev's grades
Reading S+ E E-
Art S S S
Music S S S
Language S E S
Math E E E
Science S S S
Soc. St. S S S
Dev will be getting two awards next Friday. One is for Student of the Month, and the other one is for the Honor Roll.

Ed has also received awards in the past for Student of the Month/Week, honor roll, citizenship award. Math, Science, and Reading awards...last year.
Congratulations boys on such good work.

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