Rex By: Kathleen Lewis

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

A story about a young boy who used the Grace of God and his exceptional talent with a piano to overcome the challenges of being multi-disabled. His mother, Kathleen Lewis, tells their story of the many challenges that were ahead, and the miracles of hope to come.

She was a single mother when amazing Rex turned two years old, adding to the trauma of being told her son was blind and later autistic when he couldn't develop any speech among other autistic traits.

I was asked to blog about a book and receive a copy to have as a gift. When I opened the envelope after being so proud it finally came, I saw a picture of a boy playing a piano. His eyes filled with the love he had for it's music. My heart melted and I instantly knew I would have a sense of understanding of this boy. Little did I know, it was on a much grander scale of my everyday life. I felt the pain that Kathleen was experiencing, yet a much differently emotional scale.

As I started reading, I learned of a child who was autistic and blind. And with me not knowing of this boy named Rex; I had no idea he was blind as well. Adding to the mysteries I would encounter next.

Kathleen had recognized his musical effect on her son when at age two when his father gave him a keyboard; therefore, becoming his love for music guiding his way to being "free to fly" as Kathleen had mention in the book. Together they learned their true purpose in life even after the trouble she had brewing with his schooling, piano teachers, doctors, and even television. Airing on a 60 minutes segment on Rex and his talent. Link to video is down below. Playing the piano was the one thing that made Rex feel alive...his music, the world and people who watched him , his ability to play. Kathleen stated in her book and I quote, " For those brief moments, it was as if the piano had freed him from the constraints of his body. It became his eyes, and the notes became his voice."

I absolutely fell in love with this book, and I know that you will too. Reading it before I even knew who Rex was except that he was autistic was the way I hoped it to have happened. The book made me feel as if I was watching along side Kathleen as she was living her life with Rex. It is a beautiful book indeed! "Go, Rex Go!" You are amazing!

Buy the book...Really,check it out

View 60 minutes video
09/28/03: Musically Speaking

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Corrine December 30, 2008 at 11:08 AM  

I saw this piece on 60 minutes.

Melissa December 30, 2008 at 1:01 PM  

Amazing Story!
hope you had a Merry Christmas!