Ed Is Reading A Book

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here is a story of a seven year old boy who had no words to say until he was 3 1/2 years old. I like to write stories about what they do to give the world a reference on autism and ADHD experiences and accomplishments.

Here he is reading a comic strip book that I found to read at the library, and he found a great interest in it. We love going to the library to find books. The book is called, "Peanuts Collection" by Charles M. Schultz. Inside this book is actually three books in one. They are, "It's A Dog's Life; Snoopy," "It's a Big World, Charlie Brown," and "Peanuts 2000". As he was reading, my husband and I would listen while doing our own things. he would come across some parts that would actually have some meaning to him; especially, learning something new or teaching him a lesson. For example, a conversation between Lucy and her brother Linus goes as follows.
"Listen to me...Mom doesn't want you to have a dog, does she?" Linus answers, "No". Lucy then says, "Do you really think Santa Claus is going to bring you something mom doesn't want you to have?" The meaning can have a learning experience on the limits of Santa Claus, or it could have a meaning to you. It was really great that he is wanting to read this book cover to cover. All 487 pages of it. He's read the first book of it in 2 weeks. The first book is 160 pages. This is considering he rarely reads on it. He can read fast and has a 100 average in second grade reading. A regular classroom instead of Special Ed. I have never seen such smart kids. Ed can even multiply some numbers now. And he's half way finished with this year. In preschool, he wanted the teacher, Mrs. Robbins (Thank-you), to write the word of the shape so he could learn how to write and most of all read the word. He felt the need to rush into reading at age 4. Amazing to me that he did. I never let my guard down on what they can do, and I'm always expecting to see or hear something different out of this world from them.

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