GFCF Chicken For Dinner

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I had bought a bag of chicken breast to coat in the rice flour that I made myself. So here is how I did it. I cut the pieces into strips, and coated with rice flour that I had put some MSG free chicken seasoning into the flour. I fried them in corn oil, and they turned out delicious. I had some for lunch today while the kids were in school, and I made some more when they got home after doing more business in town. Dev absolutely loved them. He had helped me with making the flour. He ate about a good seven or eight pieces of it, always saving more for later. He really liked my rice flour and couldn't wait to have it in food, milk and whatever else I could make with it. Just like the muffins I made with rice milk. He eventually ate the whole pan. Good for you Dev.
My Ed on the other hand didn't care to much about having rice products in his food. He is so much like his dad, and I guess he didn't want a change in his food. Maybe one day he will...I hope. It would be so much better on him.
Ed had to take a red juice to school for snack, but Dev on the other hand said he didn't want the juice. I told him that he could take water to school for his snack. He did and that made me very proud of him for choosing not to have colors. I just asked him if he drank milk at school for lunch, and he said, " No I drank the juice." I am pretty sure that milk is hurting his belly and has decided to refrain from it.

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