Vaccines Are Still Being Blamed For Autism

>> Friday, January 30, 2009

I came across this article from Examiner, and wanted to share it with you. Eventhough thimerosal has not been used in vaccines since 2001, the number of children with autism keeps rising. Studies are compiling together showing that it does not cause autism, yet parents are still not giving their children the required vaccinations that they need in order to prevent more serious illnesses. What a shame, but after all it is their choice in doing so. My boys had their shots, one was during 2001 and the other was during 2003. Yet both of them have autism, which is said to be rare for one family to have two siblings with autism. I just don't feel in my heart that it was the culprit. The autism rates will keep on going up until the right person finds what is going on...could take years and then again we may never know for sure. I don't worry about the evidence that comes out, but I do worry about the children who are suffering for unknown reasons. Why put all my efforts into finding the cause when they just want to be loved?

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