Google Chrome Is Here

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally, a browser that I enjoy using. Google Chrome is the latest from Google and it is working very well for me. I enjoy the features that it brings, and I am using it now. It takes you to a web page faster than Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Netscape. I have several on my computer, but this is the one I use especially for myself. The address bar and the search bar are all in one without having a search box.

The bookmark system is awesome as well. All my favorite websites are shown under the address bar where I can click on them to access them very fast instead of minimizing and going to my shortcuts on my desktop. You are able to import bookmarks that you already have.

When I start up Google Chrome, my most visited pages are there with a picture of the website. I like that the most. Also, my bookmarks can be placed in folders that are easy to construct. Controlling tabs are great too. Each one is at the very top of the page if I select it to be on a tool bar, and using a new tab has never been so easy. I highly recommend using Google Chrome for everyday use at home, and updates will be available once Google gets things running. It is also designed to have fewer crashes, and I strongly believe this. I still haven't had one with Chrome yet. I was always tired of my sessions ending with other browsers and now I don't have to worry about it as much.

I was so excited to learn Google was coming out with this browser, and it has fulfilled my browsing needs many times over. Hope you will realize how enjoyable it is; once you download it and use it. I'm looking forward to more updates for Google Chrome as time goes by.

I downloaded Google Chrome because it would make my life easier, and I could keep up with all my bookmarks a lot more efficient with Google Chrome.

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