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>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I just love my book from Jane Hersey "Why Can't My Child Behave?" Thanks so much Jane. I enjoy letting others know about the program. There's so much to learn, and hope to share what I can with my readers so keep coming back for more each day. Together we can learn and achieve so much. Here are some things that you may want to consider.

If your child has one or more of the following symptoms they may be triggered by an adverse reaction to food additives or salicylates. Many of these symptoms may also apply to adults. My family has quite a few of them if not They include by categories:

Impatience (Low frustration tolerance, Demands must be met immediately, Irritable, Cries easily and often, Throws, breaks things).
Short attention span ( easily distracted, doesn't finish projects, doesn't listen to whole stories, doesn't follow directions).
Poor sleep habits (difficulty to get to bed, hard to fall asleep, restless sleeper, has nightmares).
Marked hyperactivity (constant motion, runs, doesn't walk, difficulty sitting through meals, wiggles legs/hands inappropriately).
Compulsive aggression ( disruptive at home and school, doesn't respond to discipline, doesn't recognize danger, compulsively repeats action, unkind to pets, fight with other children, poor self-control).
Impulsivity ( unpredictable behavior, makes inappropriate noises, talks to much, talks to loudly, interrupts, bites and picks nails, skin, chews on clothing and other objects, overreacts to touch, pain, sound, lights).
Frequent physical complaints (headaches, hives, stomachaches, ear infections, bed wetting, day wetting).
Neuro-muscular involvement ( accident prone, poor muscle coordination, poor eye-hand coordination, difficulty writing and drawing, Dyslexia, speech difficulties, difficulty with playground activities, eye-muscle disorder nystagmus, and strabismus, tics, some forms of seizures).

"Why Can't My Child Behave?" By: Jane Hersey, Pear Tree Press Inc. copywrite 2006 pg. 18&19

Note: Consult a physician to rule out illness.

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