NKPL: A Treatment For ADHD

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NKPL is a highly concentrated phospholipid extract that may be an effective treatment for children with ADHD and is possibly a safe alternative to Ritalin. Neptune Technologies and Bioressources Inc. has reports on the first preclinical research update on NeuroBioPharm Inc. medical food development program. You can read more about this story in the news article on Neptune and Bioressources Inc.

"NeuroBioPharm Inc. announces the results of preclinical research performed by NeuroCode AG, (Wetzlar, Germany).The objectives of the trial were a) to determine the nature and extent of effect of the new NBP medical food candidate NKPL on the electrical activity of the brain, and b) to characterize the EEG effects in relation to standard central nervous system (CNS) drugs."

They are hoping that this will be an effective treatment to ADHD, and is aimed to improve the cognitive and emotional health of children and adults.

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