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In 1994, Marlene Targ Brill wrote a book called, "Keys To Parenting The Child With Autism". This book provides valuable information about autism throughout a person's life. A really great handbook to have even though it is an older book.

Understanding autism is very difficult. Each child/adult is unique in his/her own way. Obtaining a diagnosis can be very difficult since autism can overlap or mimic other disabilities. You may encounter numerous professionals just to even get a diagnosis. Professionals such as a pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, psychologist, child psychiatrist, sppech and language pathologist, and an audiologist.

Adjusting to a child with autism can seem difficult at times. Your feelings are everywhere, and then you have other children, parents, in-laws, and complete strangers. What a roller coaster ride that can be. Over time we learn how to cope with these situations of difference.

Building a support team is a major role in your child's well being. Once you have a diagnosis, your child's needs become educational needs. Be informed about autism and finding people who go through the same things you do. Search for professional support. It has worked wonders for our entire family. Alert your day care about your child and his/her needs as well. Working with the medical community can be daunting. Just be patient with them.

Your child's overall health is very important. Medication and diet may be needed. Children develop in their own unique way and at different stages. A child's milestones are very important when it comes to diagnosing autism. I recommend that every new parent to keep a record of these just in case your child is one of 150 diagnosed with autism. Autism has a variety of mental abilities from mental retardation to extraordinary skills such as a savant who can accomplish great feats of memorization. IQ scores are used in determining mental abilities. Helping your child progress is the best gift you can give. Support and love them eternally. They need your ultimate love and care. Become involved in your child's progress. Your child has the legal right to a free education. You have parental rights, a school assessment, IEP's, early intervention and preschool.

Having older children with autism is something I admit I know little on. Teaching the ways of adulthood is another often difficult task. Developing friendships, adolescence, working adults, housing, and government help are all explained in the book. My children are still in elementary school so I still have much to learn on this subject.

Keys To Parenting The Child With Autism is a wonderful self-help book that is sure to expand a young learner of autism knowledge. It is an older book and still holds great information on exactly what autism consists of. I hope that you will enjoy this book as well. The book in the picture has a different cover, but it is the same book. It is at a good price at Amazon. Click on the link above for ordering purposes at

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