Autism Grass Roots Tour and Enzymedica

>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Autism Grass Roots Tour is on the move and is ready to come to a community near you. The Autism Grass Roots Tour is an initiative of the Autism Hope Alliance, a nonprofit foundation working to promote education about autism and provide immediate help for children challenged by autism and other neurological difficulties. According to their facts, 1 out of 91 children have some form of autism. With the expense of autism rising above $90 billion, it is more than likely to double within the next few years. In the lectures, you will learn everything you need to handle your child's autism. Autism diets, biomedical interventions, sensory integration, and keeping yourself inspired are just a few things that you will learn. Please check out the above site and make your reservations today. Seating is limited so get those reservations. The Autism Grass Roots Tour is part of a company called Enzymedica and Autism Hope Alliance.

The Enzymedica blog is a wonderful place to catch up on what is happening at Enzymedica. You may shop for digestive products, enzymes, and more online here as well. They have an interesting blog that I think that will be some use to all of us in the autism community. Live chat help is also available should you have any questions or concerns.

Please visit their web page and blog for more information on lectures and other important information.

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