I Love My Mom

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

I wanted to share a few things with you on my little Devin. Last year, he achieved an accomplishments that I just had to share with you. Devin was featured as a weather artist from the Daily Journal. He had drew a house with the sun behind it. For a child in kindergarten, I would say that he did an excellent job. Wish I could scan it for you. It almost looks like a picture that my oldest would draw.

Second and most important was the reason why I wrote this post. He was also entered in The Gum Tree Writing Contest here in our hometown. I am not sure how well he did for the contest, but I had to share this story that he wrote. It is considered a narrative. So here it is for you. First of all, I will write it as he had wrote it. I thought it was cute.

I Love My Mom

My mom drivs a trck.
My mom gos to wrik.
She wriks at Walmrrt.
She clings the flor.
She cooks the best bisciits.
My mom givs my dog a bonn.
My mom givs my dad a drink.
My mom loves me.

Now I will write it as it is supposed to be:

I Love My Mom

My mom drives a truck.
My mom goes to work.
She works at Wal Mart.
She cleans the floor.
She cooks the best biscuits.
My mom gives my dog a bone.
My mom give my dad a drink.
My mom loves me.

I completely laughed until I cried. It was so sweet, but first of all, Dad drives the truck. I do not work, but Devin loves Wal-Mart. Guess he wants me to work at Wal-Mart and clean the floors. Although, he does hate it when I do mop the floors in the house. Make him furious sometimes. I do make him lots of biscuits…the frozen kind…lol. We do not have a dog. Eddie is allergic anyhow. I do give Dad his drinks all the time, so he knows that one for sure. And yes, I do love my baby boy. I hope that you enjoy this little story as much as I do.

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chubskulit November 9, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

Aw that was so sweet!

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