Autism and Marijuana?? Are you kidding??

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A ten year old from southern California has been on medical marijuana for the last two years, and has "positive" results. His parents were worried about how violent the child was becoming due to autism. After they had successfully succeeded in getting the prescription for it, they began to grow it in their back yard after ripping up the tomato plants to grow his "new medicine". His parents called him "more relaxed". I bet he was. I just do not know about this story, by all means I do not think that it is right to go to the point of having children with autism on marijuana. I would really hate to see it as an alternative treatment for autism. I bet there are children with ADHD on it as well, just have not heard of that one before. So, what is your opinion? If I offend then I am sorry, but it just does not seem right to me. Some of you out there probably have a child in the same boat, so please do not be offended by my opinion. If it works for you then you have my blessing, but it is just not an alternative for my family. I would not even consider it.

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