Our Christmas

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It has been a few days since I last wrote, and we have been busy doing other things that needs to be done. We had a quiet Christmas at home this year, however it did rain Christmas Eve. The boys are enjoying their new toys, especially the Transformers they got. Devin had it tough just before Christmas. He just could not wait until it was time to open presents. One afternoon, I found him sleeping under the Christmas tree next to the presents. He cried and fussed some days, and others it did not seem to bother him to much. Eddie only tried to take them once, after that he left them alone. For Christmas they got Lego building sets from Grandma, and we still have to put Eddie's giant aircraft carrier together. Devin's car play set (Streetz from Matchbox) was easier to do. Devin likes the light up truck and two mini cars that came with it. A piece of the crane had a bad molding defect, but I think it is fixable with super glue. They are both having lots of fun with their new toys.

Just before Christmas, I had taken Eddie off of his Adderall, due to some concerns we had. We had talked it over with him, and he agreed that he no longer wanted to be on it. Have I noticed a difference? I would say yes. He seems to be easier to handle and he seems to be focusing a lot better. I wonder how he will do when he goes back to school. He still has a "goofy" personality due to autism, but I think that his ADHD may be getting better. He still moves around a lot. He is very expressive with his language and his whole self will be affected. I guess we will wait longer to see how he really does; especially when school starts back.

Thanks for coming to visit me today! See you all soon!

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Jen December 30, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

I had a little giggle at the sleeping beside the tree, amazing self control though, to not actually just rip them open. Hope the return to school without meds goes well:) Jen.