Autistics Abused In Schools

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When we send our children to school, we expect them to be cared for. We give our children to the teachers for seven hours each day to teach and help them grow. Children with autism are vulnerable and sometimes teachers take advantage of the situation. Reports of abuse of autistics have been found in Chicago, Illinois schools.

A now 13 year old had claimed that a teacher's assistant (aid) threw a stapler at him. Dovonte Shaffer went to school at Johnson Weldon Elementary. The boy was also verbally berated and psychologically abused in the classroom. His family has filed a lawsuit for $50,000.

There is yet another one out of Ogden International School of Chicago. This little 6 year old who has been named "John Doe" has autism and epilepsy. This one breaks my heart.

"On March 4, the boy's mother arrived to pick him up when everyone was at a musical event in the auditorium, and found the boy and the teacher emerging from a stairwell coming from the basement without explanation.

On May 1, the teacher allegedly allowed the boy to sit on HIS lap and publicly engaged in harmful sexual conduct with John, including French kissing, at an event attended by students and teachers, the suit said. Several teachers reported the incident to Ogden's principal and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services."

What kind of people are these. I hate to say that they are out there, and they are found out about eventually. They do not deserve to be teachers for sure. His family is also seeking $50,000. I hope that they are both granted what they seek and greatly deserve. This is so uncalled for. You can read Lawsuits: Boys With Autism Were Abused In School. What is the world to do...?

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