B-Calm System For Autism and ADHD

>> Monday, December 7, 2009

I have found probably one of the greatest products I believe everyone with autism and/or ADHD should have. I came across a device that looks a lot like an IPOD, but even better. This B-Calm Sound device plays soothing sounds to help calm a person down. It has expandable memory and video capabilities. It can be used in the home and at school. Plus it is also affordable. Just $110.00. Makes me wish that I had two for my boys. They could really use something like this especially now that it is Christmas time. You can order B-Calm today with your major credit card. What more could you give for Christmas this year. Give the gift of peace this season. There is a B-Calm article in the news that you can read as well.

The B-Calm unique masking mix is specially designed to block out all the stressful and distracting noises. Live recorded nature tracks blended with the masking promote calm and peace for improved focus.

System Includes:

  • Personal Media Player
  • 1 pair Over-the-head headphones
  • 1 pair earbud style headphones
  • Features:

  • Preloaded AudioSedation Tracks**:
    • Spring Rain
    • Summer Forest
    • Tropical Beach
    • Sunday Drive
  • Simple to use controls and functions
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Media Player can be uploaded with additional audio and video files for additional classroom use.
  • Delivery is only 1-2 weeks. So get on your way to a more quiet home/school life. I am sure that you will be pleased with its performance. So order yours today.


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