Happy New Year

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Well, it is finally 2010, and we have had a great year. We are hoping to even have a better year this year. My husband will be graduating from college this year, and I am glad to have that out of the way. Now hopefully we can start a life a new. I hope that everything will work out for us once he gets a degree. He is going to college for computer programming. He is still doing very well in school.

I was reading Yahoo news this morning and I had seen where you can check your astrological horoscope for 2010. I thought that I would share mine with you today. There is one for your career and love. I thought that I would share the career one. I am already in love, so I just do not read those much.

Year 2010 Career

Brace yourself for big changes in your work and money life, Aries! This is the year when a lot of your past potential and promise come out. Two eclipses in your career sector (one in January and one in July) will set the stage for a major shift. Some of this will be the fulfillment of things you've been working on quietly for some time, and part of this will simply be thrust on you by circumstance.

Either way, change is good, and will lead to a greater sense of long-term fulfillment on your part. Pluto also continues its long-term travel through your job zone. Pluto is a planet that demands a deep and committed response, whether you thought you were ready for it or not. This isn't at all necessarily bad or difficult news. No one is every 100 percent happy with their work and money life, it seems, and that basic sense of mild ongoing dissatisfaction can be what propels you towards greater career heights. June and July may see you seriously contemplating a change in direction as far as what you do for a living. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities.

As far as actual cash on hand, the news appears to be more good than bad -- especially in September and October. The last year probably wasn't too comfortable (but lacked any serious shortages). The next year will provide stability. No big lottery wins, in other words, but lots of chances to get smaller expenses in line. Keep an eye on the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Guess that we will wait and see what part of this will play out. Do not forget to check out yours as well. Have a great day, and thanks for the visit today. See you all again soon!!

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Jen January 2, 2010 at 3:40 PM  

Congratulations to your husband on his soon to be finished degree:) I hope the year goes well and brings all the horoscope fortells. Jen