Autistic Teen's Family Sue's Chicago Police Department

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back in April, Oscar Guzman was attacked by two Chicago police officers. Oscar was 16 at the time, and has autism and special needs. Local police officers said that they were out on patrol in a high gang area when they had noticed Oscar doing something, so they say. The family says otherwise.

When Oscar was approached he was outside of the families business. The police has said that Oscar had hit one of them in the chest once the officer had tried to grab his wrist. His family members said that he did not hit the police officer. The officer had tried to hit him in the shoulder, but missed and hit him in the head which required eight stitches. This has left Oscar emotionally broken, and is having troubles. How can one tell him that the police will protect him when they are the ones who caused this on him. The family had tried to explain that he was autistic, but they apparently did not listen.

His sister, Nubia Guzman, was threatened with arrest by police when she had tried to explain the situation concerning her brother. The family is now suing the police department. The lawsuit also accuses the Independent Police Review Authority, the agency that investigates complaints against police, of using investigative techniques that favor police employees. You can read about the story here.


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