Barak Obama Nominates Ari Ne'eman

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

Barak Obama has nominated new people to the U.S. National Council on disabilities. One is causing autism parents some concerns. Ari Ne'eman has a perspective that autism is just one of many different ways of thinking, rather than a disability or disease to be cured. What? As we turn around we are finding that Obama is not even considering to find a cure for autism during his presidency. What? Now what are we supposed to do? I really do not like the idea of this at all. I first learned about this from Facing Autism in New Brunswick, and the post is here. I wanted to make this one short since I want to give credit to Facing Autism. Social Security sees autism as a disability. Will that end up being taken...I wonder what Barak Obama will do next. Well, then again maybe I do not. What will he destroy next? The comments there are worth reading as well. See what others think and know what you feel.Let me know what you think about all of this!!

From Facing Autism in New Brunswick

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